Donation Tiers

 Bronze Catcher

-Access to the #100iv-gold channel with a minimum of 75 verified coords/hour with the pokemon's CP and level

-Access to the #2500-plus channel with pokemons of 2500cp and above

-Access to #pokesearch, also known as candy bot

-Access to #donators channel

-Bronze Catcher and Donator status on discord


  Silver Catcher

-All bronze rewards

-Access to #100-iv-high-lv for 100IVs of level 30 and above only.

-Access to #90-plus channel with loads of pokemons with IV 90 or more along with all the necessary info.

- Access to #unown with coords from bot

- Access to #lake-trio with coords from bot

-Early access to new features

-Silver Catcher rank and donator status on discord


   Gold Catcher

-All silver rewards

-Exclusive access to #100iv-gold with more than 125 coords per hour. All 100 IV! (physical address and deeplink included in the coords)

-Exclusive access to the request bot where you can request for a particular pokemon. You then get tagged when the pokemon appears. That too 100IV! (Ask any @Overlords for a trial) (See the guide in #request_bot_guide)

-Gold Catcher rank and donator status on discord

-Be the first to get access to new features and test them in the beta stage.


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