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Donation Tiers

Bronze final-01.png

 Bronze Catcher

-100 Iv L30+
-100 Iv L35
-0 IV - Nundos
-All XXL
-All XXS
-2000+ Cp
-2500+ Cp
-3000+ Cp
-Small Rats
-Big Fish
-ALL Lake Trio
-All Unown
-All Ditto
-Special Channel for pokesearch (no cooldown)


Silver final-01.png

  Silver Catcher

-All perks of Bronze Catcher

-Ultra League Rank 1
-Great League Rank 1
-Exclusive access to the request bot where you can request for a particular pokemon using very precise filters. You then get tagged when the pokemon appears! (Ask any @Overlords for a trial) (See the guide in #request_bot_guide)

-Silver Catcher role in discord


Gold Final-01.png

   Gold Catcher

-All perks of Silver Catcher

-Be the first to get access to new features and test them in the beta stage.

-Get a channel all to yourself and set whatever filters you want for mewtwo bot. This will be your personal playground!

-Gold Catcher role in discord


Want more of our
Mewtwo bot?

- Get the coords in your Telegram channel - 10$
-Get Mewtwo in your own Discord server - 25$ (Access to pokesearch and every other minor functions like nestsearch, distance check, shiny odds check)
- Discord+Telegram - 30$

- Get access to our whole DB (More than 2 million spawns per day!) - 250$

Send a message here or here for more information on the above

Some features of Mewtwo bot


Pokesearch location.jpg

More than 60 such filters supported!

Coords in channels


Mewtwo bot is fully customizable. There are more channels like pokemon-specific channels, high cp channels and much more!

Request bot

The request bot allows you to request specific Pokémon(s) and set over 60 different filters to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Once your request is registered, the bot will constantly monitor for Pokémons that match your criteria. As soon as one is found, the bot will send you a DM with all the necessary information about the requested Pokémon. A full guide on how to use the bot is available on our Discord server.
Below is an illustration of how it works.

request bot.jpg

Need more help or information? Ask us in our discord server

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