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Snipe 'Em All

Official Catch 'Em All Sniper

We bring you a TOTALLY free sniper for PC to catch those thousands of pokemons provided in our discord server. All you need is a Hashing License Key and you are ready to go.
If you find any difficulty, do throw us your questions. You'll find us 24/7 on discord.


Google Drive


Snipe 'Em All V 1.2.4 (17/12/2017)

API: 0.85.2 // 1.55.1

Please keep the sniper file in a folder as a config file will be automatically created for it after your first log in. In that way, you won't have to enter your details every time time you run the sniper. You can run as many instances of the sniper as you wish provided they are in different folders. You also need to make sure there are no other files in the folder where the sniper is. They might prevent the sniper from running normally.

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